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Enock Kiptoo
2 years

Graduation Date
2037 (15 years)
Fully Sponsored
Urgent Sponsorship Required
Sponsorship Required
£80.00 per month

Access to education is a basic right, but so many still cannot access education. Your support helps the most vulnerable to receive an education that transforms their lives.


It takes a community to raise a child, however, it is true that a child can impact and transform a whole community. A child who is educated and nurtured grows up to be a well rounded adult contributing to the whole community.


Poor health and a lack of access to health can keep children and whole communities trapped. By helping to improve health and increase access, we can transform lives and communities.


When people are empowered they can become more and feel equipped not only to help themselves but help others.

Enock's mother suffers with chronic mental disorder and therefore was not able to care for herself or her twin children. Enock and his twin Brother Byron were rescued from the streets where they were very malnourished and had contracted pneumonia. The boys currently live at PEFA Matumaini, where we are working to provide them with new homes that will love and care for them and a plan to support their medical and educational needs.
PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitaton Centre
PEFA Matumaini Rehabilitation Centre is dedicated to caring for the needs of the disabled children physically, mentally, multiple disabled children,autistic and the vulnerable children/orphans in the society. we give hope, education and train them on day to day living activities. We also help them acquire therapy and psychiatric services.